Future of Choice: Build deeper client relationships to grow your practice

Business Continuum is excited to help accounting and financial planning firms strengthen and grow their business through the Future of Choice framework.

An innovative approach to client service that focuses on creating more value for clients as well as the firm, Future of Choice is an integrated and holistic approach to planning that helps clients achieve their business, family and lifestyle goals.

What does the partnership mean for Business Continuum?

Greg Harrison, Director at Business Continuum, says the partnership extends his company’s footprint in the accounting sector, and opens up new opportunities in the financial planning field.

“We see huge appetite in the market for firms to transform their businesses and Future of Choice enables us to help them with this aspiration,” Greg says.

The Business Continuum team can help accounting and financial advisory firms drive growth, refine their marketing strategy and deepen their client relationships through Future of Choice.

What is Future of Choice, exactly?

It is a clean, concise framework and set of software tools that helps advisors identify the ‘whole picture’ of a client, centering all of the advice around them and their family in order to help them achieve their financial and non-financial goals.

Designed by accountants and financial planners for accountants and financial planners, Future of Choice enables these firms to be more consistent in their approach to client goal setting.

How does Future of Choice benefit the firms that adopt it?

It gives firms a deeper understanding of what is important to each client – be it in relation to their business, family, lifestyle or education. This will help firms who usually deliver compliance work to accelerate the advisory side of their business.

By keeping the work diverse and interesting, Future of Choice also addresses another hurdle many firms are struggling with – the retention of young and highly capable staff. As the methodology is easy for any member of the team to adopt, it opens up opportunities for younger advisors to delve into more interesting client work and helps them build a new, very foundational skill set.

Keen to find out more about Future of Choice?

Get in touch with one of our experts today to find out how Business Continuum can set you up as a Future of Choice provider.

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