Starting on the business continuum

A couple of months ago I felt compelled to go back into consulting, but this time with my own take.

Over the past 5 years, the cloud for small business has been such an enabler to begin to automate and move processes. Business owners are now able to use mobile technology as a way of receiving real-time data as a hand-held business positioning system.

This time around, I wanted to build a business, purely run from the cloud. Starting from business registration, productivity applications like Google Business Apps and the journey to launching my website has been smooth and predictable.

The benefits of the cloud absolutely outweigh maintaining older business processes, that I feel compelled to help other businesses with finding their own business positioning systems, no matter where they are in their own business continuum.

There is a lot of great information being circulated on the internet about productivity in the cloud, but it can be overwhelming. I hope to share my own interpretation and real life business experiences, along side other observations I come across while helping other businesses transition to the cloud and some of the change management issues they face.

I welcome any of your requests and input to help answer questions that you have, whether you are a business owner or adviser. As collaboration with each other is just one of the great benefits that we will experience in the cloud.

Matthew Peng

Founding Director of Business Continuum

Melbourne, Australia
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