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Streamline the expense and accounts payable process with Concur, the global leader in spend management software.

About Concur:

Gain greater visibility on spend, better visibility and control on cash flow and improve employee compliance with Concur Expense and Concur Invoice.

Concur Expense's convenient mobile app allows staff to capture and submit expenses on the go, eliminating the need to retain and process paper receipts. As a result, businesses experience an improvement in expense compliance, a reduction in errors and are able to make more timely reimbursements.

Meanwhile, Concur Invoice automates the accounts payable process, saving an estimated 80% on the operating cost of each invoice. It can be scaled up or down to fit a company's size and configured to their specific requirements. Managers can approve and modify invoices on the go, and vendors can track the status of their payments.

In addition, Concur Invoice integrates with most accounting software platforms - giving a company the data they need to make quick, well-informed decisions. 

Services offered:

Whether you’re starting from scratch with Concur or have an existing implementation that you think could be optimised, we have a range of services focused on Invoice and Expense that can help your organisation. Get in contact with us to ask about:


looking to optimise Expense or Invoice

Fit analysis

we can help ensure you make the right decision for your business

Requirements documentation

let us apply our expertise in order to map out and document the optimal processes and workflows for your business

Implementation services

we can project manage an Invoice or Expense implementation from the ground up

Change management

often overlooked in projects, we can help your organisation prepare for the implementation of new Concur solutions

Report writing

extract the precise information that you need to enable the management oversite of the solution and its use

Business Continuum is a certified Concur Solution Provider. To find out how Concur could streamline your internal expense and accounts payable processes, contact us

"The team at Business Continuum were professional and very prompt to identify our business requirements . They helped us to implement the changes swiftly improving our processes immediately."

Kellie Wright


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