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Streamline the expense and accounts payable process with Concur, the global leader in spend management software.

About Concur:

Gain greater visibility on spend, better visibility and control on cash flow and improve employee compliance with Concur Expense and Concur Invoice.

Concur Expense's convenient mobile app allows staff to capture and submit expenses on the go, eliminating the need to retain and process paper receipts. As a result, businesses experience an improvement in expense compliance, a reduction in errors and are able to make more timely reimbursements.

Meanwhile, Concur Invoice automates the accounts payable process, saving an estimated 80% on the operating cost of each invoice. It can be scaled up or down to fit a company's size and configured to their specific requirements. Managers can approve and modify invoices on the go, and vendors can track the status of their payments.

In addition, Concur Invoice integrates with most accounting software platforms - giving a company the data they need to make quick, well-informed decisions. 

Concur is best suited to:

Medium-sized to enterprise companies with a mobile workforce and where expenses have to go through multiple layers of approval. It's a great fit for those companies wishing to automate these financial processes in order to gain greater efficiences, increase visibility of current and future financial transactions and/or reduce the headcount required to support these functions. Businesses with an annual turnover of more than $2 million would generally benefit from Concur's accounts payable automation feature in particular. 

Business Continuum is a certified Concur Solution Provider. To find out how Concur could streamline your internal expense and accounts payable processes, contact us

"I would highly recommend Business Continuum to any business small or large. They took the time and effort to assess our business and most importantly our business individual needs. They customised their services to fill in the gaps and provide new ideas and solutions to help strengthen and improve our business process. I specifically like that they were able to take my existing data from Xero and my long list of suppliers, importing all their products into WFM along with manuals and templates for the business for future reference."



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