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Stay on top of stock (and sales) with DEAR, a comprehensive cloud-based inventory management system that covers every step in the business cycle. Find out how DEAR could help you manage your inventory more effectively and boost your bottom line.

What's great about DEAR Inventory?

DEAR helps inventory-based businesses stay competitive and profitable by rolling inventory management, point of sale and B2B customer management into a single cloud software solution.

The system records a business's entire supplier purchasing history, allowing a user to attach any relevant files to a vendor, and even break down a purchase by its manufacturing and labour costs to help keep the pricing of goods accurate. Customer orders can be tracked from quote through to shipment and split orders for partial shipment created as well as backorders. DEAR Inventory makes real-time accounting simple as it integrates seamless with standard accounting systems like Xero with no need to duplicate information.

In addition, DEAR is ideal for businesses that need their inventory systems to scale with them as they grow. Not only does it enable businesses to manage stock from multiple locations, it automatically pulls live exchange rates and can be configured to the needs of multiple users, making it ideal for mobile office and site expansion.

DEAR Inventory is best for:

Small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for a robust inventory management solution to support e-commerce and manage product families. DEAR's B2B module is also well suited to Wholesalers. In addition, the point of sale function also makes it the ideal tool for people attending trade shows and running mobile sales as well as a retail shop front.


Find out how DEAR could help you manage your inventory more effectively and boost your bottom line by getting in touch today.

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