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Control your stock and maximise profits wherever you are. Simple inventory management for businesses on the go.

Key Features:

Unleashed has helped accelerate the growth and profits of thousands of businesses around the world. Its real-time reports help you make quick and better-informed decisions by highlighting the value of current stock, the cost of goods sold and your profit margins. And to keep your data consistent across all platforms, Unleashed then seamlessly integrates with XeroQuickbooks, Shopify, MagentoVend and many more. 

Unleashed's iOS app helps you keep tabs on stock across multiple locations while on the road. The software also makes restocking a breeze, by quickly identifiying inventory that's fallen below a preset minimum, allowing you to reorder, back-order and split orders. It also helps with accurately pricing your products by factoring in their landed cost. 

Best for:

Business Continuum can configure Unleashed to businesses of all sizes, and it particularly suits those in the food and beverage and manufacturing industries. Unleashed helps speed up the sales process by allowing you to scan barcodes directly into the system and attach documents like fact sheets, images, care instructions, ingredient lists, warranties and supplier details, to keep all information in one place.

Unleashed's friendly help desk offers quick solutions to your issues, and you can also tap into a community of users facing similar challenges to your own.

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"Business Continuum provided us with premium training and as a result, we've been able to make some great improvements in the efficiency and accuracy of our accounts and data. Our reporting is much more accurate which has helped to improve our procedures around inventory management and ordering."

Bruna Dias

Marketing & Operations Manager

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