Are your cloud systems in need of a tune-up?

If your business needs help with an existing cloud integration, you’ve come to the right place. In a face-to-face workshop, Business Continuum will work with you to review your current cloud setup and assess where — and how — improvements can be made.

Supercharge your operations

During a Business Continuum Health Check, we identify ways for your business to get more out of your existing cloud software setup. Using platforms such as Xero, Xero Practice Manager and WorkflowMax, we work with businesses to enhance these existing systems, customise their software and maximise the tools they already use.

"As I started to look into what was involved with setting it up (WorkflowMax), I realised what a mammoth task was ahead of me. I got in touch with Business Continuum to see how they could offer support in doing this, and an VERY glad we made the call. They were able to come in and get an idea of how we needed the system to work, tailor it to our needs, and go away and set it up in the background. I was confident in knowing that it was set up correctly from the get go to function as we needed it, instead of me having to do the guesswork. This was such a time saver, and also peace of mind knowing it was done properly. Chung and Matthew were very responsive to any questions and always had a solution or answer to our questions. Because of their knowledge and experience in using the system, they are able to go through how to get the best out of it for your business so there was a lot of value added in that."



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