Future of Choice + Business Continuum

Create more value for your clients as well as your accounting practice and/or financial planning firm by offering a fresh approach to business advisory services. 

What is Future of Choice?

Future of Choice is an integrated and holistic approach to helping your clients achieve their business and family goals - usually financial in nature, but also including areas such as lifestyle, education and personal transition.

Using the Future of Choice framework and tools, you'll guide your clients through the process of identifying and understanding what they want to achieve, then developing a plan of action.

Future of Choice can be used to help clients better plan and monitor their budgets, examine the ways in which they can diversify their investments, and build a safety net that will reduce risks to their business and personal income.

The methodology gives your team a consistent approach to consultation that ultimately offers clients greater value and in turn, strengthens your client relationships - both of which translate to higher profit and more interesting work for your firm.

Future of Choice is a great way to refine, develop or expand your service offering along with your underlying marketing message as a business.

The Future of Choice methodology is best for:

Financial advisers and accounting firms looking to diversify their client portfolio and combine their business advisory tools into a simple, marketable framework.

To find out how Business Continuum can set you up as a Future of Choice provider, get in touch with us today.

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