Business Continuum

Meet the Newest Members of the Business Continuum Team

Over recent months we have expanded the Business Continuum team, bringing more expertise and service capabilities to our clients. It’s time to introduce our newest team members.

Sianne Hussey, Client Manager

Sianne is our inventory management guru, working with clients to create inventory management systems to save time and improve efficiency for clients.

“Many clients are pleased to eliminate pain points they have been struggling with for years,” says Sianne. “I love to go further by finding problems they never knew they had, and create systems that improve their stock flow and productivity.”

Sianne starts by finding out as much as she can about the operations of the client’s business. “Even the smallest detail is interesting. Only then can I create the right solution for their needs,” she says.

Certified in many inventory management programs, Sianne recommends the solution that is the true best fit for her clients. “The idea is to find the right solution so that stock isn’t languishing on shelves, but moving quickly through the sales channel. With that sorted, the business can then find it easier to identify new sales opportunities.”

“Many clients have grown as a business and (are) using outdated systems that worked when they were smaller,” she says. “I recall one client who used a manual sticker system to control stock. Transferring the stock control to a cloud system created a huge saving in time, and increased profits.”

Born in South Korea, Sianne was adopted and raised in Warrnambool, Victoria. She started her career working in a caravan park whilst studying, where she wrote a how-to guide on the software they were using at the time. Shortly after this, she found herself working for that particular software company and thus was the beginning of her career in software consulting. Before joining Business Continuum, Sianne was the Director and Principal of The Rype Group – Melbourne. Prior to this, her role was Solutions Specialist for Unleashed Software (inventory management).

While not at work, Sianne enjoys cross stitching, hates cooking and likes online window shopping for all sorts of bits and bobs she doesn’t really need (but wants).

Ben Harrison, Client Manager

Ben says there’s no typical day at Business Continuum – and that’s just how he likes it. He often spends time on the road, travelling to clients to create a bespoke cloud solution, or deliver training to the team on using new software.

“We can create the best system in the world, but if the client’s staff aren’t using it, engaged with it or using it to its full capacity, it can be ineffective,” he says. “It’s essential that any cloud solution integrates fully with existing programs, and that staff are very comfortable and happy using it.

“After delivering our solution, we spend a lot of time making sure it’s working to its full capacity.”

When he’s not on the road, Ben is creating and designing WorkflowMax and Xero systems for his clients, who include accountants, architects, creative agencies, designers and engineers.

“Anyone who charges money for their time can benefit from our services,” he says.

Ben completed a degree in accounting and finance before moving into a bookkeeping role. He quickly identified the opportunities that Xero and WorkflowMax offered bookkeepers and moved to cloud solution roles with Realtime Business, which recently merged with Business Continuum.

Over his four years of working in the industry, Ben says that identifying new solutions for clients is always rewarding. “It’s great to be part of a team that helps clients grow their business, identify new revenue streams and increase profitability. We are employing more experts and diversifying our services, which helps us deliver even better results for our clients. It’s rewarding to be part of the Business Continuum growth cycle,” he says.

Ben is a long-suffering Richmond fan and enjoys overseas travel. When he’s home he prefers a quiet night on the couch with a book.

Connor Reich, Graduate Analyst

Connor is the go-to guy for any data input, configuration and administration support for the Business Continuum team. He’s getting stuck into Xero and WorkflowMax with gusto, quickly learning the ins and outs on the job.

“I’ve not considered myself a techie person but I do take pride in learning quickly,” Connor says. “As a millennial, people sometimes assume I know a lot about cloud integration, but I have learned plenty more in my three months at Business Continuum. There’s always a sense of achievement and a job completed. I appreciate the variety of working on different client projects and helping see them to completion.”

Connor holds a degree in history and international studies. When not working, he enjoys all kinds of horror movies, and honed this love while working in a video store as a teenager. Connor has attended many music festivals, including Falls Festival and his favourite, Splendour in the Grass.