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PARiM + Business Continuum

Powerful workforce management and planning

What's great about PARiM?


Employee Scheduling

PARiM’s employee scheduling function is equipped to handle the most complex scenarios effortlessly, incorporating working time rules, shift patterns, and various calendar views.


Time Clock and Attendance Tracking

Real-time tracking that enables businesses to effectively manage their workforce by accurately tracking employee attendance, hours worked, and overtime, all while simplifying payroll processing and improving overall productivity.


 Client Management Functionality

PARiM offers a robust range of client management functionalities allowing businesses to analyse employee data, and make informed decisions. 


Absence Management  

PARiM’s 360° workforce software includes an absence manager that allows for custom absence types of your choosing, various holiday pay rates, and staff absence request features.

Is PARiM right for my business?

PARiM’s robust features and capabilities make it ideal for agencies that are managing a large staff pool, including temporary staff, as it can handle complex scheduling and absence management needs with ease, while also simplifying payroll processing and improving overall productivity.