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Bluesheets + Business Continuum

Intelligent process automation software that seamlessly connects financial data across various platforms.

Why you'll love Bluesheets

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Automatic Approvals & Notifications

Bluesheets is a powerful document processing tool that automates data entry, verification, and categorisation tasks, optimising day-to-day operations. 

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Streamlined Client Communication

Easily communicate with all clients in a single location at any time and from anywhere using the bluesheets mobile app, which consolidates communication channels and seamlessly integrates with the Bluesheets operating system.

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Over 100 intergrations

With over 100 integrations and productivity-enhancing features like approvals and notifications, it streamlines workflows, reduces human error and boosts efficiency.


Real-time Performance

Get a real time view of your finances every time you check your preferred tools and eliminate mistakes from your reporting.

Is Bluesheets right for my business?

Bluesheets is suitable for businesses of all sizes and across diverse industries, especially accounting firms, finance teams and operations teams. Its document processing and automation capabilities streamline financial processes and enhance productivity.