Business Continuum

Xero Practice Manager + Business Continuum

Manage your client billing, staff performance, and overall business profitability in one place.

Key Features



XPM enables you to manage your client base seamlessly all the way from initial engagement to the final invoice. Commence a job, manage its status, and view and organize the WIP and subsequent invoicing all in one place.

real-time reporting

Real-time reports

XPM provides real-time reporting – allowing you to keep track of key productivity metrics such as hours on the job, turnaround time, and value per client.

Is XPM right for my business?

When integrated with Xero HQ, Xero Practice Manager is ideal for small to medium-sized accounting firms and can comfortably scale to 80 staff members. However, the fit of XPM is not so much predicated by the number of staff in the firm, but more by the firm’s structure – in particular the hierarchy. So if your firm has more than 80 staff, don’t dismiss Xero Practice Manager without a detailed assessment of its functionality compared to your requirements.