Business Continuum

Projectworks + Business Continuum

A platform specifically designed to elevate visibility, optimise profit margins, and facilitate the growth of professional services businesses.

Key Features

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Track Time & Expenses

Streamlines time and expense tracking, invoice linking for WIP visibility, and effective management of sub-contractors and expense on-charging to customers.

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 Resource People & Forecast Revenue

Simplifies resource allocation by matching skilled individuals to projects, provides real-time visibility into project assignments, and facilitates accurate revenue forecasting by comparing work plans and budgets to future invoicing.

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Flexible Invoicing

Offers versatile billing options, allowing businesses to invoice according to their preferred method (T&M, fixed price, or manual).

Is Projectworks right for my company?

Projectworks is beneficial for a wide range of companies, including professional services firms, consulting agencies, project-based businesses, and organisations that require efficient project management, resource allocation, and accurate revenue forecasting.

Projectworks also offers firms a seamless upgrade from WorkflowMax, combining familiar features with innovative advancements such as intelligent resource planning, modern revenue forecasting, multi-organisation support, comprehensive Xero integration, and retention of beloved WorkflowMax features.

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