Business Continuum

WorkflowMax + Business Continuum

Powerful project management software for businesses looking to better manage their projects, clients, team, and forecasting. 

Why you'll love WorkflowMax



WorkflowMax makes it easy to assign tasks, track costs, and store important project information all in a single place – helping you save time.

quoted v actual

Compare quoted vs. actual

WorfklowMax enables you to have a comprehensive view of the profitability of a job, and see how your quote fees align to the time logged on a project – helping you to accurately price future projects

Mobile app

Access anywhere

Being cloud-based, WorkflowMax can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making it easy for the team to collaborate wherever, whenever.


Multiple integrations

WorkflowMax integrated with many other cloud-based apps – enabling Business Continuum to customise a workflow that’s just the right fit for your business.

Is WorkflowMax right for my business?

WorkflowMax is beautifully suited to businesses that track time, such as: creative agencies, architects & surveyors, tradespeople & small building companies, and engineers.