Business Continuum

Pipedrive + Business Continuum

A web-based sales CRM with multiple features that helps you prioritise deals, track sales performance and forecast revenue.

Key Features

Whole process

Visualise Pipelines

Pipedrive provides a visual roadmap of the entire sales process with a fully-customisable sales CRM for teams of all sizes.


Multiple integrations

Pipedrive integrates with hundreds of applications to expand its capabilities, including lead generation and marketing automation.

Mobile app

Access anywhere

Access Pipedrive anywhere, anytime using Android and iOS apps that transforms the Pipedrive sales hub into a mobile CRM.

Is Pipedrive right for my company?

Pipedrive is best suited for professional businesses that want to better track their sales progress with easy-to-use visualisations. Perfect for companies that want the added capabilities of revenue forecasting and hassle-free email marketing all in once place.