Business Continuum

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that committing to a software is daunting. Fortunately, you’re in capable good hands. The BC team has an eye for software integration that considers a holistic business perspective; including current and potential future processes. With over 10 management software integrations to choose from, we will work with you to develop a tailored software solution for your unique needs.

Each business is different. Depending on the overall scope of the project, we are able to deliver implementations between 4-6 weeks to Go-Live with further training and support. The speed with which businesses can provide the necessary initial data collection will also affect the project timeline. 

It is possible to move software packages in increments, commonly by way of teams within the business, or one software package at a time, if several solutions are being implemented as part of your project.
Our Business Advisors will meet with you to evaluate the necessary steps and data needed to migrate your business data using one of our cloud solutions.

It is always preferred that you have an opportunity to review your data  before conversion, but in a lot of cases, we can assist in the review and make specific recommendations as to what data is essential for a smooth transition upfront and what items can be addressed when using the new software.

Most solutions offer a free trial period, where we can be engaged to provide additional demonstration support or advice during your evaluation period.
We periodically delete all data provided to us by our clients, once the project support period has expired, or it can be deleted earlier upon express request by our clients.

We offer a monitored email support service with all of our projects, managed during business hours, or we can be reached on 1300 833 327 from anywhere in Australia. 

Yes, we offer both fixed contract and hourly based software and customisation support.
With all our solutions, software upgrades are part of the software service.  Each solution provides periodic updates, accompanying release notes and help articles.  We can provide consultation and training on any updated software feature.

If you have any other specific enquiries, please contact us directly.