Business Continuum

Zap BI + Business Continuum

Zap BI enables businesses to achieve precise and dependable ERP reporting quickly and cost-effectively.

Key Features

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Data Management

ZAP BI links, gathers, and consolidates corporate data into a secure, well-governed hub, primed for advanced analysis using top BI tools.


Build your own system

Provides ready-made analytical data models for BI reporting. Seamlessly integrating familiar business language with a user-friendly graphical interface.

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Automated Data Warehousing

Zap BI streamlines ELT processes and the creation of data warehouses by guiding users through an automated, step-by-step sequence of prompts.

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Data Governance & Security

Includes built-in controls for overseeing data governance and security, covering user permissions, access control, data definitions, and data lineage with history tracking.

Is Zap BI right for my business?

Zap BI is an excellent fit for businesses of various sizes and industries that prioritise data-driven insights, efficiency in data management, and integration of various data sources for enhanced decision-making and reporting capabilities.