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Is Scoro Project Management Software Right For You?

Scoro is a comprehensive tool that boasts an impressive end-to-end experience for its users. Founded in 2013, Scoro is one of the faster growing project management solutions in the market. It is winning its customer base through regular improvements to its sites. Scoro aims to ‘bring structure to your work’ and tie in all your business functions into one single solution – an aim that they have been quite successful in achieving.

A one-stop-shop

Scoro allows for businesses to manage their entire workflow in one place. Built upon the framework of ‘sell it, work it, bill it’, Scoro’s strength lies in its extensive functionality and modules that cater for a wide range of professional and creative agencies. Scoro houses businesses development, project management and financial functions – all with their own set of customizable fields and purposes – ensuring all areas of your business is accounted for and optimized. The process of optimization only continues after implementation, with software enhancements being continually added and an active support line that averages an hour and a half response time.

A single page view is mastered by Scoro. The PM tool offers a new meaning to accessibility – whether you are looking at clients, projects, quotes to invoices, Scoro shows all relevant information in a single page where you can easily filter or view information as you please. Insightful and comprehensive filtering is achievable through the in-depth details that Scoro allows you to store.

Quote and pipeline management

Business development is made easy through the quote and pipeline module in Scoro. If your business works on similar quotes and project scopes, standard quote templates can be created and easily applied. Products and services can even be predefined with specific user rates, quantities and descriptions making the process even easier. Client facing pdf templates can also be customised to show information as required by your business, however it is important to note the configuration of templates is quite difficult to master as it requires HTML experience – it is a fiddly process. After you have created the quote, you can simply click and drag quotes into different status columns in the pipeline. This provides an accurate and visual representation of potential and upcoming work.

Once the work has been won, simply turn the quote into a project with two clicks of your mouse. The quoted line items can even be converted into phases and tasks of the project, reducing the time taken to set up the project and the work that needs to be completed.

Resource planning

Resource planning, an area where many project management tools lack, Scoro excels. Project managers are able to assign tasks to team members by a drag and drop system. The planner view allows the manager to view their team members existing tasks, available time and upcoming calendar events – their teams capacity.

Scoro’s time capture functionality is one of the best in the market. Time is tracked against tasks assigned to projects or clients and is differentiated between billable and non-billable. Users have the option to add time via the task, a time tracker or even a timesheet module where all the user’s active tasks are displayed in one matrix. Both managers and users can visualize the time entered through easy to read graphs. At a glance, managers will be able to identify areas of the business where significant amounts of time is being put towards and if team members are working to capacity.

Billing made easy

After you ‘sell it’ and ‘work it’, the part of the business that keeps you afloat is to ‘bill it’ – and Scoro makes this easy for you. If you are billing at a fixed rate, you can simply use the data on the quote to invoice a client within a few clicks. Or, if your business bills on time and materials, work reports can be created and converted into invoices with all the relevant information. These easy yet comprehensive methods, if set up correctly, can save you significant amounts of time.

Dashboard at-a-glance

Scoro’s dashboard view is one of the best in the market. Not only has Scoro built the dashboards to be visually appealing, the widgets and graphs provide all users the ability to view critical information as soon as the enter their site. Gone are the endless clicks and exports of important data, Scoro gives you the ability to configure and display key metrics that are important to you.

Scoro provides a complete experience for its users. The customizability and functionality of Scoro, combined with the countless possible integrations, allows for businesses of all trades to manage their projects from start to end. Scoro provides the opportunity for businesses consolidate their operations into a single software, however the complexity of the solution can result in some confusion when first implementing Scoro.

Have questions?

We’d be happy to answer them or take you through features of Scoro in more detail. Or, if you’re wondering if another solution might be better for you, we’ve also done the hard yards for you and taken a look at other project management platforms, including: Xero Projects, Harvest & Forecast, Streamtime, ActiveCollab, Zoho Projects, WorkflowMax and Accelo.