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Which Project Management Platform is Right For You?

With over 400 online project management tools in the market, professional service providers are spoilt for choice. We speak with businesses every day wanting to switch to a new project management tool. Some come to us with a solution in mind, while others want some help in selecting the best solution for their immediate and future needs.  

We know it is not only a daunting task but also a large time investment to navigate trials and software vendors all wanting your attention.

So, to help shortcut the system evaluation process, we’ve put together our perspective on 8 project management tools that we feel address the spectrum of most businesses’ needs today.

Discover more about each of the solutions at a glance below, then click through to our report for each platform.


Xero Projects

Designed for small teams (ideal for less than 5 people)Easily draw database from Xero

Minimal customisation
Simplistic reporting
Unable to integrate quotes
Xero integrationSimple set up & usability
$10 per month (with a Xero subscription)Great invoicing flexibility

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Harvest & Forecast

Suits those with a simple quoting process

Flexibility in time capture
Easy to track project progress
View projects at a glance
Limited pipeline management functionality

$12 per person per month
Great option for those who prioritise time tracking
No link between estimate and project
Limited project management functionality beyond tracking time and expenses

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Designed for creatives
Xero integration
$0-40 per month

Track time via a ‘to-do’ list
Simple timesheet usability
Great invoicing flexibility
Very fixed dashboard personas offer limited detail
An adjustment for those used to traditional timesheeting
No quick way to invoice for repetitive jobs

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Simple, user-friendly interface
Client collaboration
Good for businesses with non-complex projects that require little to no customisation in regards to estimating, invoicing and CRM

Flexible permissions to allow client access to project details
Assign custom rates to each client
Detailed task lists

CRM capabilities lack depth
Limited flexibility and no templating
No invoicing templates for duplicate jobs

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Zoho Projects


Variety of modules allows for a customisable all-in-one solution

Nice facility to track support issues for clients and projects
Caters to a variety of working styles
Detailed task lists

Diversity of functionality can feel overwhelming
Lacking in financial visibility
Comprehensive yet more costly than other solutions

Client portal for collaboration
Suits big teams requiring more complex communication

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Aimed at small-medium businesses

Good level of customisation
Ability to input data in a number of ways
Flexible and comprehensive report builder
Limited staff scheduling functionality
Affordable price (by user bands)
Some integration limitations
Some rigidness and lack of flexibility for modern working styles
Lead management add-on additional $15 per month

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End-to-end solution
Extensive functionality and modules that cater for a wide range of professional and creative agencies
$34-97 per month

Excellent dashboard view
Streamlined quote and pipeline module
Excels with resource planning
Configuration of templates is quite difficult to master, some HTML experience is necessary
Complexity of the solution can result in some confusion when first implementing Scoro

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Accommodates a range of businesses and industries
Accessible by both Collaborators (access for free) and Professionals
US$39-79 per month
Great for tracking the work and progress of a client throughout its lifecycle

Sales module somewhat difficult to navigate
Extensive capabilities often hindered by the complexity of the system

Project module is impressive though complex
Great depth of information that can be stored, filtered, viewed

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If you have any questions, or want to know more about any of the solutions we’ve investigated, get in touch! We’d be happy to walk through your business needs and help you find the perfect project management solution.