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Is Unleashed Inventory the right fit for you?  

As an entrepreneur, business owner or manufacturer, you have been focusing on delivering great products and services to your customers. When starting a business, every owner starts by looking for a market gap where they can excel and provide the community with a product or service.

Through hard work, dedication and time, your business becomes successful, and a new set of problems becomes apparent. Cashflow, Overstock, Stock delays and stock run out are some of these new issues that you will be introduced to as your company grows. That is when passion goes out of the window, and you find yourself in a rat race to meet the daily challenges of business ownership. Is this a feeling you are familiar with?  You might not be an inventory expert. Heck when you started your business, you might not have had any idea what inventory management is. Your motivation was to provide a product to fill a gap in the market. You are not alone. There are many entrepreneurs and start-ups who face these same problems.


How to fix this?

At this stage, you have a few options. You can hire someone to manage your stock. Or you can use spreadsheets or introduce new systems to counter the growing issues. In fact, you might have tried these options, and all is has brought you is even more problems to tackle. How do you choose the next best thing for your business? New Staff or New System?  Hiring staff to resolve your problems is not going to work if there is no tangible system in place for them to learn your business, understand the problems, and construct an effective resolution.

If it is a system you need, which one will suit you the most? We have worked with many businesses. The most common thing we see is that business owners are trying to find systems which are marketed specifically for their business or industry. Then, they sign on for a trial and become overwhelmed with what they see, inevitably ending up back where they were to begin with.


What now?

There are many software solutions on the market. Some new, some old. Unleashed has been on the market for over 10 years and was one of the 1st Xero Integrated software packages available. On top of that, it is now backed by the Access Group. It also has many excellent features that can assist you with your business decision making and stock control.

Some key benefits of using Unleashed as your inventory management system are,

  • Manufacturing, Assemblies, Disassemblies, and Kitting function
  • Easy-to-use interfaces with a self-explanatory menus
  • Great Support & Easy to use help documentation
  • Great onboarding team to self-implement the system
  • Quick video guides to train your inexperienced staff

Unleashed also has inventory management features and reporting and dashboarding capabilities to make your worries disappear. Its best aspect is the structure it adds to your business. Unleashed also has a self-service implementation package, letting you set it up for yourself, at a pace that works for your situation.

However, if you feel you need someone to guide you through the configuration process or need an extra hand training both yourself and your staff with the new system, give Business Continuum a call.


Why we Love Unleashed

When we evaluate a solution for a customer, we dig a little deeper into, why a certain solution would suit the customer. We do not just compare the features that are highlighted on a comparison tool.

Things we take for granted sometimes are the support material and the online help articles that Unleashed provides. We love how they have designed their “Get help for this page ” option available for every screen you work on, which takes you to the exact help article that you were looking for when you get stuck.

We love how they have invested in a great Business Intelligence platform that enables customers to dig into Customers, Suppliers, Products and Transactions and provide a visual representation of your data to understand trends and customer behaviours.

We also love how Unleashed sync all the invoice data instantaneously with Xero. So, you can still use your customised invoices, with payment options from Xero. Especially, when you want to pass credit card fees to your customers.

For more information on how Unleashed can benefit your business contact Business Continuum for a free consultation.