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Find Out How To Improve Your Online Customer Service With Podium

Have you ever received random sales messages at odd hours of the day? Or maybe you have experienced trying to reach customer service but have been kept on hold for hours instead. The transition from physical stores to online mediums during the global pandemic has taken away the human touch essential to many small businesses. Unfortunately, the endless loops of automated recordings and dialling options are now commonly associated with the stigma of a cheap customer experience.

Typically, when you enter a retail shop, you are greeted by friendly staff and attentive employees that are willing to assist you with all the questions you might have. With the vast number of consumers now turning to online shopping/services, the plight small businesses face is how to create the same level of in-person experience when customers visit a website. You may be wondering – is it even possible to create a tailored online experience for customers? Well, yes, we have come across a cloud-based software that provides businesses with a centralised platform to increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction.  

Introducing Podium

Podium is a platform that helps businesses provide customers with the same quality in-store experience, only virtually. Their goal is to make it simple as possible for businesses to re-engage with customers at various stages along their purchasing journey. Podium offers a range of tools that help boost a company’s reviews, feedback, campaigns, payments, and team communication. By engaging with past and potential customers, businesses can increase conversion rates and customer engagement. If your business is looking to enhance its online reputation and promote website engagement by offering integrated messaging services with clients and prospects during the buy and fulfilment process, Podium is for you!

Understandably, it can be tricky for growing small businesses to juggle managing order fulfilment, financing, customer service, inventory, and marketing simultaneously; thus, the Podium Teamchat feature has a number of collaboration tools that make employee communication and involvement easier than ever before. Moreover, the Podium app also makes it simple to collaborate over long distances or on the go.

Podium for Small Businesses

Ashley Furniture, a merchant specialising in home-store goods, required a central messaging system to manage all inquiries across their social media platforms. The Podium Inbox helped them manage conversations in a streamlined manner whilst still providing tailored responses for each customer query. Hence, their customers have received extra value from their services since using Podium as they are able to receive an immediate response from a company expert who can solve their problem right away. Ashley Furniture also utilised Podium’s review invite tools which led to a 2% growth from 10% to 12% increase in foot traffic. Podium can assist in presenting your business as a more personable company with connected customer service that will not only get your great business reviews but will also enhance your company goodwill in the long term.

Want to know more?

We are experts in finding the right cloud-based software solutions for Australian businesses. If you’re not sure that Podium is the right match for your businesses, don’t hesitate to contact Businesses Continuum for a free consultation.