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Business Continuum - 2022 Company Update

2022 Business Continuum Team

After an unexpected couple of years of lockdowns, our team is ready to ramp up again in 2022. We have had several fresh minds and experts join our passionate team in recent times, positioning us to offer more capability for clients across a broader range of industries and solutions.

With over 7 years of delivering software advisory services across Australia, we have enjoyed moving more businesses to the cloud to cater for the work-from-home movement. More than ever, we are dedicated to assisting Aussie businesses develop smarter solutions to allow them to do more with less resourcing and double-handling.



With the never-ending evolution of digital technologies and processes, businesses have learned over the years that without change, we stand-still. As the old saying goes, the only thing constant is change, and our ability to proactively adapt to change has repeatedly proven to assist us in offering a valuable competitive advantage. We are lucky enough to have an array of dedicated software partners committed to providing innovative ways to improve business processes. It’s no secret that we are constantly expanding our relationships with partners.

New Software Partnerships:

Trusted by companies of all sizes, Business Continuum continues to partner with solutions that expand our clients’ capability to digitise and streamline their workflow and client engagement.


Our Team:

At Business Continuum, we strongly believe in fostering a workplace culture that empowers individuals to develop professional technical skills and work collaboratively to develop solutions for our clients. Our diverse team brings different perspectives and expertise to our business which directly translates to the end-to-end business transformation support we provide. The new members to join our team include:

Yesha Sahu – Product Specialist

Joel Krish – Product Specialist

Carter Handby – Product Specialist Intern

Hannah Yao – Product Specialist Intern

Nethmi Irugalbandara – Marketing Intern

Business Continuum Interns

We are conscious of our role in engaging and maturing local talent who are interested in our cloud and advisory space. Thus, the recruitment of our interns provided us with the opportunity to welcome these students into the Business Continuum family and give them a chance to advance their skills while building a network of mentors. Through our mentorship, we want to create a talent pipeline that will add value not only to our business but also contribute to the individual skill sets of our interns.

Moreover, Minal De Silva, who has been a dedicated employee since 2018, has been appointed as the primary Business Advisor for all our inventory and SAP Concur projects. Connor Reich, our Senior Product Specialist, is now enrolled in a Master’s degree in teaching, which has also made him a valuable pillar of support for our new interns. In addition, the team has been instrumental in inducting our new interns and teaching them all aspects of our project delivery methodology and technical solutions we provide to our clients; they have demonstrated great initiative, and their capability is proving to be well beyond their years of experience.

Our goal for this year is simple, we hope to continue embracing the changing needs of businesses within Australia as software change agents.

Finally, we’d like to express our gratitude to everyone with whom we’ve collaborated over the last few years. Our business is built on the relationships we make with our clients, thus we are extremely grateful to everyone we have had the pleasure of working with.

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