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Invoicing in WorkflowMax using Folders

WorkflowMax have just released a new User Interface (UI) that offers a refreshed approach to invoicing allowing you to incorporate folders into invoices to achieve a more tailored invoice presentation for your clients.


What to expect in the new Invoices UI

  1. Easily switch between the old and new UI’s by clicking on the link at the top of each invoice to preview  
  2. A new date picker that has easy date selection options, as well as the standard calendar format, and a new ʻmark as sentʼ tick box  
  3. You can now “add a new contact” easily from within the draft invoice screen  
  4. Under the task and cost tables, you will be able to change tax rates from a drop-down in the same screen, without needing to separately edit each task and cost item
  5. Drag and drop works using a row handle on the left or each row without having to use editing mode  
  6. New ʻselect allʼ check box to include all tasks and costs in an invoice is also to the right of the task and costs section (it was previously the ʻbillʼ select all option) Print, options and approve buttons have been moved to top right.  
  7. The “add” tasks and costs buttons have now moved to the bottom of the table


Introducing Invoice Folders:  

The invoice folders functionality allows users to invoice based on pre-existing WorkflowMax quote and job folders. This means that users can now go from quotes through to invoicing with a continuation of folder structure along every phase of your job, including reporting capability by folder.  

Therefore, businesses will be able to develop meaningful and straightforward invoices for their customers while keeping track of key information and the project’s overall financial position.      

The granularity of folders in WorkFlowMax means users can utilize folders throughout all stages of their projects from start to finish, rather than exclusively in a job or quote.  

At Business Continuum, we have recommended using job and quote folders to allow our clients to clearly segment and carry out their job workflow, maximizing the customer experience.

If you aren’t already taking advantage of existing folders in WorkFlowMax and would like advice on how invoice folders could improve the efficiency of your business, contact us for a free discovery session.