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RMA Sport + Scoro

RMA Sport's Successful Scoro Implementation Journey

RMA Sport is a premium sports infrastructure company that provides quality sports equipment, sports flooring and surfaces, and professional advice for sports and recreational facilities. Over the years, the company has seen the need to streamline processes within its business to continue offering functional and innovative solutions for all its clients. 

We sat down with RMA Sport director Roger Macann to discuss how the Scoro implementation added value to their unique business. 

Overall, how is the Scoro implementation going, and how is the team finding the transition? 

After a year of using Scoro, our employees have realised the long-term benefits it offers, noticing numerous small improvements that have cumulatively made a significant impact. We have become proficient in exporting price lists and Excel files, and overall, we are pleased with the system’s comprehensive capabilities.


I recall you were previously using a separate CRM system called Insightly. It had a lot of flexibility in the way you wanted to work, but it didn’t give you the capability to quote effectively inside of Insightly and Xero.

Our main challenge with Insightly CRM was quoting, as it lacked sufficient information-sharing capabilities and hindered our profit and loss goals. Xero, our invoicing platform, couldn’t handle multiple pricing levels, leading to a larger-than-necessary price list. However, with Scoro, we can easily allocate discounts across invoices, saving significant time and improving efficiency.

“Scoro has removed that lag in finding information and has allowed us to respond more quickly, saving us time and money.”

How has Scoro helped your team to improve your clients’ experience? Does each individual have more visibility now that it allows them to be more proactive with their clients? Can they trust the data better? Do you get better insights and engagement breakdowns between the different revenue streams? 


Yes, to all of the above. Now with Scoro task bundles, everybody can see the entire history when working on the project together. Before, altering quotes was a tedious and time-consuming job; thus, we never had an accurate record of quotes. Now that each version is listed in the system, we can go back to the first time it was issued and see what was there initially and any changes along the way. In terms of what that means for our customers, Scoro has removed that lag in finding information and has allowed us to respond more quickly, saving us time and money.


We did a lot of customisation in the quoting space to create document templates for the different business streams. Has that been a clean quote generation process from a speed, efficiency and accuracy standpoint? 

It’s been terrific! All those different templates save us a tremendous amount of time, especially with hyperlinks. Previously, quotes could be up to 30 pages long; now the quote is 5-6 pages or less. It has certainly made our process to get things happening much faster. The direct hyperlink to the brochures reduces the uncertainty for our customers and has helped us keep the integrity of our quoting process.


As an owner, how have the dashboards you interact with and the 12 months of data in the system now influenced your decisions moving forward in the business? 

Now it is much easier for me to extract and filter the projects to keep track of how many specifications we have got and if it’s growing or shrinking. Having visibility of those sorts of things is helping me plan for future staffing requirements, putting feedback out for stock levels. It’s helping me on the bigger picture, because we’re looking to start manufacturing here ourselves here in Australia so that’s giving me the confidence to know this is going to be viable if we adapt our business model. 


Were there any critical moments in the implementation that you found especially helpful? 

The extended support period was critical for getting us across the line. So we had the initial support period and then took a month off, and that’s both good and bad because you either sink or swim. So it was reassuring to know we could jump back if we needed the extra support. But two months into it, by that stage, everybody started to have a certain level of comfort with the system, and things were running quite smoothly. 


If you want to implement Scoro to transform your business efficiency, please get in touch with us to book a time to discuss this further.